Saturday, March 15, 2008

End Game

The American Welfare State is dying. Its death is the inevitable and intended result of the greatest constructive fraud in human history. Despite increasingly desperate personal situations, millions remain in stunned denial. The historic magnitude of what is happening is so great, so far beyond the realm of normal experience, that people simply refuse to believe their own eyes.
  • The economy is contracting.
  • Inflation is increasing at far above "official" rates, particularly for food, commodities, and energy.
  • Unemployment is rising.
  • Home values (which account for almost all of the American individual net worth) are plunging.
  • The trade deficit is skyrocketing.
  • The price of energy is growing.
  • Credit availability is shrinking.
  • The dollar is rapidly losing its value.

Before it fell, Russian novelist Alexander Solzenhitzen wrote that the Lie had become a pillar of the Soviet State. The American Welfare State, surreptitiously built over many decades on the ashes of the old Republic, rests entirely upon Lies. The indispensable Lie, the Lie upon which the Fraud depends, is that Debt is Wealth. Once that Lie was accepted it was easy to convince the public of the rest. And so we have Social Security (a Lie), Medicare (a Lie), The Income Tax (a Lie), and, most importantly, the rapidly disintegrating Foundational Lie that is the Federal Reserve's fiat currency. This Matrix of Lies, taken together, was designed to systematically siphon away the earnings and property of the American people and condemn them to a future of poverty and slavery.

Every U.S. dollar in circulation is a debt instrument, loaned into existence at interest by the private banking cartel that is the Federal Reserve. In the end, each dollar must be repaid to its rightful owner with interest. As successive waves of foreclosures and repossessions cascade through the economy, the identity of the system's ultimate creditor to which all collateral is finally pledged becomes increasingly clear. The Design is achieving its purpose. The End Game has begun.